We’re basically tapping Satan on the back

I love a good horror movie. I watch them with my husband, I sometimes watch through the gaps of my fingers, the people die or survive and its the end. Like its over and done with. There’s no reality to it, its just a story presented to me and when it’s done, it’s done. And then I heard about another awful case, the case of Baby X. Baby X died in 2014. Baby X was 3 years old. Baby X was MURDERED.

A 3 year old child, burned by cigarettes on her private parts and had chilli powder placed in her diaper was bruised, bound, battered and starved. A frikken 3 year old child. I mean, who the frikken hell does that? TO A CHILD. THEIR VERY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD.

My children are awful, no lie. But to hurt my delicate daughter and gorgeous son like that? No. I would rather DIE A MILLION TORTUROUS DEATHS MYSELF before any harm could come to them. I wack my kids and shout at them but at the end of the day, I apologise to them and remind them of how much I Love Them.

The murderer of Baby X has been sentenced to 20 years. To me, thats a damn joke! 20 years for the torture that she put an innocent child through? And its not the first time that she abused a child, both her other children show signs of abuse as well. Which idiot decided that 20 years is ENOUGH for this woman? I’d stone her to death, for real.

Chilli powder in a child’s diaper?!? Cigarette burns? No man, this is the work of the Devil itself! What has the law come to? We’re giving Satan a tap on the back for hurting and killing our innocents? Im completely shattered at the judgement that has been passed. Makes me lose faith in the justice system altogether.

I’m sorry Baby X. It looks like the justice system has failed you altogether, like so many other unnamed ones before you. We praise mothers and grandmothers everywhere for what they are supposed to be. They are supposed to be our protectors not our abusers. The woman that was supposed to be a granny is now dead and to be honest, I’m glad. I’m glad that such an evil woman is gone. But 20 years to a heartless witch, to me, is not enough.



The Opinionated Wife

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