I’m not tearing blogging apart.. I swear, I just gotta talk about the Chatsworth thing

I’ve decided to give up blogging, well actually, I’ve decided to give up blogging as The Mum Blog and well, just keep it going as a past time. It just wasn’t working out for me and it was actually beginning to make me very unhappy. I realized that I didn’t want to compete anymore for follower numbers, engagement rates and possible paid gigs. Also, there are some PR agencies (made up of 1 person) that well, treated their people like shit. Seriously, I didn’t want to be a part of that. I’m not here to take blogging apart, I mean, I did have a good run, got a whatsapp group of mum homies, who I absolutely love, made some cool acquaintances and chatted with people who live halfway across the world from me. Apart from that, blogging gave me my first few jobs of websites and logos and fired up my passion to continue working from home. Blogging gave me a sense of purpose even though It was just me basically having a conversation with myself lol. So no more of that, I’m done. I will still update here, where it’s not so restricted. Here, I can’t tell you what to expect Because I don’t even know myself yet!

But anyway, enough of that. I want to talk about something that’s been bugging me for like ever now and that is, the disappointing way in which social media is being used! Back in my day, and yes I’m saying that because I’m old now, we never had women shaming older women on Facebook or on any videos. I mean I know video cameras were quiet difficult to carry around back then, but anyway that’s not the point. How sad was it to see that old aunty be attacked like that?!? I’m not condoning what they did, but seriously, that lady’s husband is a big man.. Clearly the Aunty never put him on her shoulders and carry him away.. Also, from the stories going around HE picked her up and HE PAID for the room.. I mean, I don’t know the aunty but I’m sure she didn’t have a gun with her coz if she did, she would have shot those two insane women that were threatening and defaming her.

Why didn’t that lady go after her own husband.. She had such a big mouth with that old aunty, why she didn’t do that to her husband? I’m not seeing his videos going around.. Anyway he deserves a good sjambok hiding lol but don’t say that I said that okay..

Anyway my point here is that while we blame youngsters for using social media poorly (need I remind you about Evasen and Mishka ??), adults are behaving PATHETICALLY. and that is so disappointing.

Remember one day our kids will use social media, some of them are already using it and once something like that is out there, it’s out there.. Don’t embarrass yourself or your children or someone else on social media. Things like this lead to children and grown ass adults killing themselves. Come on guys. Our country is bad enough.. Lol and you know that’s true. Let’s not make it worse..

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