Don’t sell yourself short

Its been many years since I completed my studies, got married and left work. For the past few years, I have been running Niyash – PTY LTD. Our business is more like my baby. I spend endless hours pouring over websites, designing, coding, advertising and sourcing clientele. We have built up quiet a reputation and we are a registered, legitimate business with actual clientele. Why am I telling you this?

Because in 2017, we were just finding our footing and I said to Avi that I wish that I could do something from home that would make me feel as though I had purpose. I missed being able to contribute in our home. My husband said to me that I should go ahead and try something. Anything that I want to, he would support me and give me any help I need. I began working on websites, not too many jobs came through but they did come in drips and drabs. Once I was back in the game, I wanted to continue working.. My fire for I.t began burning at top heat again. I spoke to Avi and he said, “baby, let’s register a business. I believe in you”

I asked him if he was sure, telling him that it would be difficult with our kids, that it wasn’t a definite thing that I would succeed and make money. He said to me that its okay, he knows that but he also said to me that he believes in me, he knows my capabilities and that I would succeed.

A few months later, after getting a few more jobs, I asked him again about creating our own website, buying a domain etc. Without hesitation, he said let’s do it. We didn’t have as much as we do now at that time, yet without hesitation, he gave me anything I asked for, for the business.

He helped look after the kids, he cooked, he helped with whatever I asked for. Whenever I asked for advice or input, he always assisted me, being honest in a nice way.

Then, I stopped for a while because of time and the kids and we were moving around alot. When we settled in Richards Bay, I said to him that I want to start blogging. Without even asking me a question, he gave me the time, money and motivation to begin.

When I gave up blogging, he made sure that I was sure about my decision. He asked if there was anything that he could help with so that I could have more time.

While blogging, I struck up working again and from then on, we have only grown. I went to enroll my boy into school and a question on the form was, what was my occupation.. I thought and thought and thought about what I should answer. I came home and I said to Avi that on the form, I answered ‘housewife’. To my surprise, he was shocked and he asked me why? I said to him, but I am? And he said.. No.. He said, ‘don’t sell yourself short love. You are not just a housewife, you are self employed. You own a business’ and while I knew this, I realized that for some reason. I find it hard to say that. I find it hard to say that I am a successful entrepreneur. I am self employed.

Please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a housewife. I am a housewife too. I just feel as though I, personally can accomplish so much that I don’t just want to be one thing.

NOW, we offer such a wide variety of services and yet, I still have more plans. When I discuss my future plans with Avi, there are no questions except for, ‘when do you want to do it?’ and ‘what do you need?’ I admitted that I’m scared to make such huge changes and he said simply, ‘ don’t sell yourself short. I believe in you. I know what you can do. I know you can do this. And whatever you need, I got you’

I’m not typing this for the oohs and aahhhs, I’m typing this so that when you read this, you realize that you need to get a partner that is willing to invest in you, motivate you and boost you. No relationship is perfect, no person is perfect and complaining about your partner is something that will never change even though they could be close to perfect but when you want to do something good, when you are taking a chance or when you are about to better yourself, the people that are important in your life should be the one holding you up, pushing you further and motivating you to grow. Remember that.

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