Phase One of Buying a home in SA

We've had a long couple of months, in which I waited and waited .. AND WAITED to finally have the keys to my own house. I wondered, I worried and cried. It's not that I wasn't happy, living and moving around with my husband and all that; but let's be honest, how long could I … Continue reading Phase One of Buying a home in SA

Pregnancy Hormones are seriously misunderstood

I haven't written a blog post for The Opinionated Wife in a while now. It's not that I don't have anything to write, because the words are haunting me even in my sleep, it's just because I am not getting enough time to sit down and put all my thoughts in one place. Oh, in … Continue reading Pregnancy Hormones are seriously misunderstood

SA’s Current State & What Parents Need to do

I think I'm living on a different planet or perhaps, I grew up on a different one and was somehow transported here without my knowledge. Girls just entering their teens are posting half naked and provocative selfies online, 14 year olds are committing suicide, teens are threatening others for their boyfriends/girlfriends, some even openly staking their claim on another person. Is this what this world has come to? As a parent, I'm deeply concerned about the type of world that my kids are growing up in.

Unloved by a mother

A young girl, say, 13 years old is sitting and contemplating whether or not she should end her life. She constantly hears how ugly she is, constantly feels alienated and according to her mother, never does anything right. She sits under her dresser, crying her eyes out because she's had a bad day but she has no one to talk to. She has no comforting shoulder to cry on. She is all alone.