Baby Number 3 & All That Jazz

We were all good until the pregnancy test showed two pink lines. Then of course, our entire world was shaken upside down. Apart from shock, we were also worried. Y'all know that I'm pregnant for the third time.. here's a small life update on where I'm at, how I feel and what I'm doing to … Continue reading Baby Number 3 & All That Jazz

SA’s Current State & What Parents Need to do

I think I'm living on a different planet or perhaps, I grew up on a different one and was somehow transported here without my knowledge. Girls just entering their teens are posting half naked and provocative selfies online, 14 year olds are committing suicide, teens are threatening others for their boyfriends/girlfriends, some even openly staking their claim on another person. Is this what this world has come to? As a parent, I'm deeply concerned about the type of world that my kids are growing up in.